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Quick Website Updates

Back on the mat 🧘🏻‍♂️ – evhead: A few years later, I wrote some code that allowed me to hit a keyboard shortcut when visiting — I believe it was the letter ‘n’ — which would bring up a modal textarea. When I typed into that and hit submit, that text would show up […]

Spectre Camera—iPhone App of the Year

Apple’s coveted Best of 2019 awards were announced, and iPhone App of the Year was awarded to Spectre Camera by Lux Optics. Coincidentally I tried Spectre recently while photographing the sunset against the Golden Gate Bridge during a Photosprouts landscape photography course. Spectre is amazing. It allows anyone to capture gorgeous long exposure photos with […]

Sony Metreon

The San Francisco mall was set to revolutionize urban entertainment in 1999, burning bright before a spectacular fall. Today we think of the AMC Metreon as a movie theater complex with an average Japanese restaurant, small food court, robot cafe, Target, and Bitcoin ATM. In 1999 though it was the Sony Metreon, an attempt to […]


Khoi Vinh on How His Blog Amplified His Work and Career – Own Your Content: Paul Jin: When you’re looking through other people’s portfolios, what stands out? Do you have any advice And could you share any practical wisdom to creatives on how to showcase their portfolios better? Khoi Vinh: I’d be much more interested […]

Scandalous Designs

Periodicals as Collections, No. 2: bauhaus: Which brings us to some of the more contentious principles of the Bauhaus’s modernist typography: the liberal use of sans-serif typefaces, for both headlines and text, as well as the use of exclusively lowercase letters. In their historical and cultural context, these choices were far more scandalous than they […]

Facebook Paper

5 years ago today Facebook Paper was released. So cool to see this incredibly thorough archive of all the little interactions we worked so hard on. Mike Matas I was a huge fan of Facebook Paper. I knew when Facebook acquired PushPopPress that Mike Matas and team were going to build something amazing. Facebook […]


Sausalito, California: Alas, it was time again for the San Francisco Unplashers to congregate and capture. This event was a bit more ambitious than the previous get-togethers and schmoozes. We decided to hop on the ferry at the Ferry Building and ride over to the quaint yet delightful town of Sausalito. But first, coffee at […]

Essential Skills for Product Designers When you receive a new project, listen to your manager. Ask for requirements, historical information, the definition of done, timelines, etc. When you show your designs, listen to your design team. Ask follow-up questions. Consider every piece of feedback even if you disagree with it. Try their suggestions. Make a few more iterations. When […]

Memobottle Notebook-Sized Water Bottles

I loved the medium-size Memobottle, and I carried it around at work for several months. The only problem was how often I was asked with a sarcastic tone, “What are you drinking?” People assumed it was vodka because of its flask-like shape. I eventually changed to a Yeti, but I was never in a fraternity. Now […]