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The Menu Bar Podcast – Beauty in Accidents

Design / Podcast

Rob Sheridan is the guest on episode 24 of The Menu Bar. If you are not familiar with Zac Cichy, he focuses on technology with an occasional transition to culture: music, film, religion, etc. This episode stands out because Rob describes purposefully designing the wrong way while working for Nine Inch Nails. He tells stories of ignoring industry experts, purposefully degrading his work, and using carefully considered mistakes to establish a brand. While designing a new […]

Horizontal Scrolling on the Web

Apple / Design / Web

Left to right scrolling has always been considered a designer’s valiant effort to be different with little recognition or acceptance from users. It became somewhat achievable when the Mighty Mouse was released with its 360 degree scrolling nubbin. Even then, horizontal scrolling was frustrating and unnecessary. Little changed with the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad which made it even easier to scroll in any direction. The bigger issue is not knowing there is content to scroll […]

Hello There


I’ve been itching for years to post thoughts about what I observe in the world: interfaces, structures, products, experiences, etc. A few years ago an acquaintance thought of  “Freshly Ground Design” while I was describing my passion for design and coffee. I quickly updated my website to include this delightful moniker. It’s time to expand on that name into its own presence. I want you to see what I see, and to appreciate the small touches […]